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What can I do as a parent or carer?

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Talking with teens about risky behaviours is important. You may already be good at discussing alcohol, drugs, smoking and safe sex with your teens. Vaping is another topic worth including.

  • Before you start the conversation, get the facts on vaping (from sources like this and see our Resources page for more)

  • Ask them what they know about vaping. Be ready to talk about how nicotine is addictive. Not liking feeling addicted is a reason young people want to stop vaping. Answer any questions they have about the short- and long-term risks of vaping and smoking.

  • Ask what they know about the industry tactics to get young people to vape. Be ready to talk about social media and how vaping companies use flavours to make e-cigarettes attractive to young people.

  • Remember to stay calm and ask open-ended, curious questions

  • Keep the conversation positive

  • Talk to your GP or contact Quitline for support (13 7848 or online via

  • Reflect on your behaviour too and remember to be a positive role model

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