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How do I talk to my child about vaping?

Ideally, start the conversation early to prepare the young person for possible exposure to opportunities to vape or situations where their peers may be vaping. Look for opportunities to introduce the topic in a low-key way – for example, you notice someone vaping while you’re driving or there’s something about vaping in the media.

Be curious, ask: “What do you know about vaping?” or “What do you think about vaping?”. Listen to the answers. You may be surprised by how much your young person already knows. Thank them for sharing their perspective.

Share how you feel about the behaviour in a simple open way – “When people vape, I worry about their health. I would like to help you work out what to do if someone offered you a vape.”

You can use the same process if you suspect the young person is vaping.

Call the Quitline for advice (13 7848 or online via or speak to your GP for support.

The Dangers of Teen Vaping: for parents, carers and teachers

Starting the conversation

  • Before you start the conversation, get the facts on vaping (from sources like this and see our Resources page for more)

  • Remember to stay calm and ask open-ended, curious questions – “What makes you interested in vaping?” “How do you feel about it now?”

  • Keep the conversation positive

  • Listen out for reasons for change. Young people often talk about costs of vaping, not liking being manipulated by these corporations and feeling addicted.

  • Offer help: encourage the young person to Talk to their GP or contact Quitline for support (13 7848 or online via

  • Reflect on your behaviour too and remember to be a positive role model

The Dangers of Teen Vaping: for young people

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