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Find out about the educational thinking that underpins the resource.

Seeing Through the Haze

‘Seeing Through the Haze’ is a resource to equip students with the critical thinking skills to create change for a smoke and vape free future. The resource is structured as a three-part learning sequence.

The resource has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum. It is free to access for teachers and schools to incorporate in their routine lesson planning.

The educational thinking that underpins the resource, includes:

  • Structuring the learning sequence around the determinants of health
  • Positioning it within the context of a whole-of-school approach
  • Adopting a strengths-based approach to health education and encouraging critical inquiry to develop young people’s health literacies in relation to vaping and build their capacity to create change for a vape and smoke free future.

The resource for Years 7-8 and 9-10 is currently available. A resource for Years 5-6 is being developed.

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Quit acknowledges the leadership, expertise and insights of Associate Professor Deana Leahy from the Faculty of Education, Monash University to the development of the ‘Seeing Through the Haze’ resource materials.

Quit would like to thank the many teachers and schools who generously contributed their time and expertise to the development of the resource materials. Their insights and helpful feedback have been invaluable.

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