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Student workbooks and companion teaching guide

Student Workbook

Students are invited to take on the role of a community health researcher. The learning activities provide students with the knowledge and skills to plan and implement a school or local community campaign.

Module One: Getting the Facts

There are ten activities to choose from. Students will learn the foundational knowledge and skills required to help understand vaping and its impacts on health. Students examine vaping in the media, statistics and graphs about vaping, evidence of personal and environmental harms, and investigate cessation support.

Module Two: Seeing Through the Haze

There are three activities to choose from:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Talking tactics
  3. Understanding the Commercial Determinants of Health

Students will learn how social factors, including peer influence, can contribute to decisions about vaping.

Module Three: Making Change

Students bring together their learnings to create a campaign that can be applied within their school or local community. Students are provided with a case study to learn about how local councils make change. Schools and students are encouraged to connect with community health workers, local councils and health promotion officers to develop a meaningful, student led project that connects with the real word.

Companion teaching guide

The companion teaching guide includes background information that will help teachers understand the structure of the resource. The guide includes lesson planning suggestions, curriculum links, and answers to the activities.

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