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Poisonous chemicals like those in biofuel, paint thinner and bug killer...

that's what's in your e-cigarette. It’s time to see through the haze.

What's inside your e-cigarette?

Many e-cigarettes contain poisonous chemicals such as those in biofuel, paint thinner and bug killer. In fact, more than 200 chemicals have been detected in e-liquids.

  • Biofuel chemicals, such as alpha-pinene
  • Paint thinner chemicals, such as xylene
  • Bug killer chemicals, such as benzene.

42 chemicals have been found in e-cigarettes that are known causes of damage to the lungs and airways. Many others are known causes of cancer or heart disease.(1)

When you vape, it’s not just you who’s exposed to these chemicals. The people around you are too.

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How e-cigarettes can harm

Vaping can harm you by:

  • Getting you addicted to nicotine(24,25)
  • E-cigarettes can explode or catch fire, causing bad burns and facial or leg and hip injuries
  • Exposing you to toxic chemicals that may make you sick. These chemicals include known causes of cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

Nicotine addiction can control you

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, even if they don’t say so on the label. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs we know of. It can harm the way your brain develops. Nicotine addiction can happen very quickly, especially in young people.(26,27,28)

Becoming addicted to nicotine can:

  • Change the way you think, feel and act
  • Create challenges in relationships, study or work commitments.

If you smoke as well as vape, you're at increased risk of nausea, headache, throat irritation, cough, dizziness, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.(6)

If you've never smoked, vaping can triple the likelihood you'll take up smoking.(6)

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Quitline counsellors can help you stop vaping


Qualified Quitline counsellors can help you stop vaping

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, stopping vaping is possible and you don’t have to do it alone.

As well as helping people to quit smoking, Quitline can help you to stop vaping. When you call Quitline, you speak confidentially with a qualified counsellor who can answer your questions without judgement, and support you on how you would like to quit. They’ll be there for you when you need them, at any stage of your quitting journey. Even if it takes a few attempts to stay quit.

What can I do if someone is vaping near me?

Just like secondhand smoke, vaping means that people close by are also being exposed to chemicals from the e-cigarette aerosol. If you are vaping, try to do so well away from other people. If you're trying to stop vaping, it can help to limit your exposure to people vaping near you.

It’s okay to ask someone not to vape around you. In fact, it is illegal to vape anywhere you can't smoke.

Remember to be polite and respectful. You can say things like:

  • Do you mind vaping a little further from the crowd?
  • This is a no smoking or vaping area - point out some signage nearby if helpful
  • Sorry I have asthma, do you mind moving elsewhere while you vape?
  • I'd prefer you don't vape near my family if that's okay?
  • The smell is making me feel unwell, do you mind moving away from us while you vape?

What if I'm using vapes to quit smoking?

Talk to your health professional about your options. Quitline counsellors can support you if you are using vapes to quit smoking.

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